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The Republic versus Boniface Aloyce - No. 03 of 2013


The accused was arrested at Ituka areas within Mikumi National Park in while he was in possession of various species specified as government trophies to wit were elephant tusks and hippopotamus teeth. He was also found in possession of fish and of various weapons believed to be used in poaching activities. He was charged in Kilosa District court. The accused person was found guilty of all five counts he was charged with.

The Republic versus Agnas Selestine and two others - No. 08 of 2013


Both three accused were arrested on 23rd August 2013 at Msimba Village within Kilosa District Morogoro region. They were found in possession of the Government trophy and were arrested and charged at Kilosa District Court. Three accused were found in possession of the Government trophy to wit the leopard skin believed to be attempting to sell it. The court found the accused persons guilty of the offence.

The Republic versus Said Abdalah - No. 06 of 2015


Accused was arrested at Mihanda Village in Mikumi Ward within Kilosa District on allegations of been in possession of the Government trophies contrary to the provisions of the law. He was charged at Kilosa District court. He was found in possession of the Government trophy to wit 10 pieces of the elephant meat valued at Tshs. 24, 127, 500 the property of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and without permit or license. The accused person was acquitted.

The Republic versus Stambuli Rashid - No. 04 of 2014


Accused Stambuli Rashid was arrested at Mfulu Village, Kitete Ward within Kilosa District with allegations of possessing four (4) kilograms of bushbuck meat. He was charged at District Court of Kilosa. Accused was found in possession of four (4) kilograms of Bushbuck meat valued at Tshs. 936,000. He was charged of the offense of possessing Government trophy contrary to the laws of the country.

The Republic versus Thobias Mwanambingu and another - No. 13 of 2012


Accused persons were arrested at Kihelezo village within Kilosa District in Morogoro for on allegation of possessing Government trophy against the laws of the country. Alleged Government trophy was buffalo meat weighing 5 kilos. When charged they all denied the charged but later convicted as charged and sentenced. Both accused persons were found guilty and therefore were convicted.

The Republic versus Said Salehe Makwawa and another - No. 16 of 2012


On 12th November, 2012 the accused Saidi Salehe Makwawa and Mashaka Saidi were arrested at Kigenge Mbuyuni village, Kilosa District Morogoro region and were accused of unlawfully entering and hunting in a National Park having been found in possession of the government trophy which was impala meat. They were charged with four counts. They were found guilty on the first count and were acquitted on the three others counts.

The Republic versus Ally Ahamed, Nico Jacob Zembetaks and Ally Mbogo - No. 01 of 2006


That the accused persons were found in possession of the Government trophies/properties contrary to various provisions of the law hence were charged as follows: (i) that first and second accused persons in this case were jointly charged with five counts, (ii) the third accused person was charged with one count which was not economic offence (iii) that the first and second accused person were found in possession of government trophies to wit 9 impalas as valued Tshs 1,790,100, 6 stein bucks valued Tshs 772,220 and 1 aardvark valued Tshs 222,300 the properties of Tanzania government without permit or license thereof (iv) all three accused were represented by advocates and they pleaded not guilty (v) the prosecution side brought five witness to prove the guilty of the said three accused (vi) the accused persons were given opportunity to defend themselves before the court of law (vii) the third accused confirmed his name to be Ali Mbogo and not Ally Abdallah and tendered before the court his hunting license, school certificates and employment certificate. The judge found first and second accused persons guilty for first, second, third and fourth counts and were acquitted on the fifth count and the third accused was not guilty and he was acquitted on all counts accordingly.