The Republic versus Kamran Ahmed, Hawa Hassan Mang’unyuka, Martin Mathew Kimath and Michael Odisha Mrutu - No. 04 of 2011

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The accused persons were charged jointly and severally for contravening various provisions of the laws governing and regulating possession and disposition of the Government trophies. The main charge around this case was unlawful exportation of wild animals with total value of Tshs. 170,575,500. They all denied charges and the case went to a full hearing after determination of prima facie case against the accused. The first accused was found guilty and was therefore convicted but the second, third and fourth accused persons were acquitted.

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No. 04 of 2011
(1) leading of organised crime, (2) organising the crime of unlawful exportation of wild animal, (3) omitting to discharge duty, (4) unlawful dealing in government trophy, (5) unlawful possession of government trophy, (6) not stated in the judgement, (7) neglecting to prevent commission of an offence, (8) failure to report possession of government trophy, (9) occasioning loss to the government
Giraffe, Gemsbok, Gazelle (Grant, Thomson, Tommy), Impala, Dik-dik, Common eland, Kori bustard, Ground hornbill, Lapet faced vulture, Serval, Secret bird, Black Verreaux's eagle
Money value
TZS 170,575,500
First accused: conviction; second, third and fourth accused persons: acquittal
(1), (4), (5) and (9) fifteen years of imprisonment (to run concurrently)
Court cases cited
John S/O Makolobela Kulwa Makolobela and Eric Juma alias Tanganyika vs. Republic [2002] TLR 296
Generoza Ndimbo vs. Kapes [1988] TLR 73
Legislation cited
Economic and Organised Crime Control Act, Cap. 200 R.E. 2002
Penal Code, Cap. 16 R.E. 2002
Criminal Procedure Act, Cap. 20 R.E. 2002
Evidence Act, Cap. 6 R.E. 2002