The State Attorney and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife vs DAOUDA SADOU, MANGANE ABDOULAYE, AWALOU ABDOULAYE and CISSE SAMBA

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In January 2018, military officials of the gendarmerie post of Socambo received reliable information on an ongoing illegal trafficking activity. They carried out further investigation, which led to the arrest of the accused persons DAOUDA SADOU, MANGANE ABDOULAYE, AWALOU ABDOULAYE and CISSE SAMBA flagrante delicto with elephant ivories, pangolin scales, and one (1) leopard skin. During interrogation, the accused Cisse Samba confessed that the loot belonged to a certain Alhadji GARBA resident in Congo who contacted them to transport the bag containing the wildlife products to Congo and later on Nigeria. Mangane confirmed his story that they all work together and that he knows the person who dropped off the bag for them to collect. Daouda Sadou denounced the other co-offender Awalou Adboulaye leading to his arrest at home. Daouda claimed he was not aware of the content until after arrest. They all confessed committing the offences as charged and claimed not to be the owners of the lot but simple porters. After interrogation, they were all transmitted together with the seized ivories before the State Attorney of the Court of First Instance Yokadouma for prosecution.

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No. 156/COR
Illegal detention trophies of totally protected animal species (Elephant ivories, pangolin scales and leopard skin).
Money value
Daouda Sadou was found not guilty and was discharged and acquitted. Mangane Abdoulaye, Awalou Abdoulaye and Cisse Samba were found guilty. They were sentenced to six (06) months fixed imprisonment term, to pay 58.580XAF for costs, and 8.850.000XAF as civil damages to the state of Cameroon through the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife.
Legislation cited
Penal Code, secs. 74, 96
Law No. 94/01 of 20 January 1994 to lay down Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries regulations, secs. 101, 158