The Republic versus Mwita Morogo Rosana and another - No. 24 of 2010

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On 21/03/2010 at 15:00 hours, the park rangers were on patrol at Mti Mmoja area within Serengeti National Park. They saw carnivores birds (Tai) surrounding and roaming around a certain bush, they though a wild animal had died on that area so they made a follow up. When they reached the area they saw people in the bush. They surrounded them and successfully arrested them. The found them in possession of local weapons namely, 2 knives, 1 spear and 3 animal trapping wires and government trophies namely, two pieces of topi died meat, one dry skin of topi, one fresh piece of impala, one fresh skin of impala, two pieces of fresh meat of warthog and one head of a warthog. The case lasted for three years from the date it was instituted to the date of the judgment, the accused persons were given bail by the court, and they failed to appear before the court during hearings. By their absence they missed the opportunity to prove their defense so the judgment was passed expert. The accused persons were convicted.

Language of document
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No. 24 of 2010
(1) unlawful entry into a national park, (2) unlawful possession of weapons in a national park, (3) unlawful possession of government trophies.
Topi, Warthog, Impala
Money value
TZS 1,140,000
(1) first count: each to pay Tshs 50,000/= or serve one year imprisonment in default, (2) second count: each to pay Tsh 100,000/= or serve two years imprisonment in default, (3) third count: each should serve ten years imprisonment.
Legislation cited
Economic and Organised Crime Control Act, Cap. 200 R.E. 2002
National Parks Act, Cap. 282 R.E. 2002