The State Attorney and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife vs MOUATCHO KAMENI Pierre Armel

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In 2018, the accused MOUATCHO Kameni was arrested by elements of the East Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife in Betare-Oya with 36.6 kilogrammes of Pangolins scales, five (5) Hippopotamus teeth, 01 elephant tusk and two (2) African Python skins). On the 2 March 2018, the Court of First instance Bertoua found him guilty and sentenced him to one (1) month imprisonment term and to pay 29,340 XAF for costs. On the 02 and 06 March 2018, the State Attorney and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, filed an appeal against the said judgement for both the penitentiary and pecuniary sentences awarded to be reviewed.

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No. 10/COR
Illegal killing of class A & B protected animal species
African elephant, Giant ground pangolin, Hyppopotamus, African (Rock) Python
The appeal court admitted both appeals filed by the State attorney and Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife. It sentenced the accused person anew on both imprisonment terms and civil damages.
MOUATCHO KAMENI Pierre Armel was sentenced to a fixed imprisonment term of fifteen (15) months, to pay 104,379 XAF for costs and 25,612,000 XAF as damages to the State of Cameroon represented by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife.
Legislation cited
Law No 94-01 of 20th January 1994 to lay down forestry, fisheries and wildlife regulations, secs. 78, 101, 158
Order No. 0648/MINFOF of 18 December 2006 fixing the classification of animals into Classes A, B and C
Penal Code, sec. 74
Criminla Procedure Code, secs. 338, 359